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ewigkeit - keshara arise lyrics


pierced by my spear of destiny,
my heart is riped and torn
my fury is now ending
and my life’s fire is dying embers
lying dead on the field of battle
i dream of purest life, of time where i am
and where my will is my own
i now journey to beyond the stars
from where i once came
none shall know my p-ssion
that drove me to my death
none shall know my dream
of what once was to be again
i now leave this existence
and leave this place to mindless fools
i did not belong here
my tim is somewhere else
under the sign of the wolf’s eye
i came to meet this end
i have died a warrior’s death
with christian blood on my hands
from a world that is not mine
i shall go, never to return

[j. fogarty 5/9/96]

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