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entrails - eaten by the dead lyrics


as the clock strikes twelve, lightning strikes twice
up from the graves tney rise
restless dead awaken this night
killing everything in sight

a human bloodbath, craving to be fed
people get trapped by the dead
thirsty for blood just before dawn
they are from evil sp-wned

they begin their endless feast
eaten by the dead
they devour flesh and bone
eaten by the dead

i have hidden in a cellar below
without the walking dead to know
but suddenly the door slams open wide
and they stab me in the side

i want to wake up from this dream
but it’s real no matter how much i try to scream

blood is dripping as i scream in pain
screaming, struggling, but it’s all in vain
they gather around me to begin their feast
cannot flee from these vicious beasts

i gag and choke while they’re eating me alive
i try to, but can’t survive
there is no way out for me anymore
i’m dead behind the cellar door

when dawn arrives, they go to sleep
underground, six feet deep
every night they come to life once more
to feast on flesh and gore


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