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emowou - yandere lyrics


if i can’t get you, no one can

imma f_ckin stab u
leave u like junko use ur blood as a tatoo
on the floor
no u can’t ecape me
now ur regretting all the time u said u wanna rape me
b_tch imma filet u leave u like a steak
eat ur body partz yea i put it on a plate
f_cked ur lil sl_tty mouth, it left blood on my bb belt
ur a stupid sl_tty wh0re, left ur skull on the shelf
put a knife in ur cl_t now its bleeding from the tip
mark my territory on ur body
ur a dead lil b_tch ur a hottie
imma f_ck ur dead body cuz im h_rny

ima fkn a yandere
ill k!ll tll u luv me’

ill cut ur fkn body
if u evr reject mе
pls dnt tlk 2 me
or its gna end in surgery
makе me fkn crazy
i jst wnt ur body
im so obssessed w u
so why cnt u jst wnt me
grab the knife n rip me open
can u take my heart
i doont want it antymur
if u n me r apart 🙁
sry tht im like ths
ik ths u hate me
ima keep lying to myself
till u need me

let me come inside and gut u
when ur dead im gonna rape u
if its wrong for me to love u
then i’ll leave and just abduct u
cut ur body into pieces
save ur heart cus it has meaning
yea i care but im not grieving
i ensured to her this feeling

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