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ed croucher - xans lyrics


(some expressions take me back)

peeking through my lens brains spilling on the desk
buckshot into my face split
she’s been on a drip for some weeks
pouring out another drink yeah my liver couldn’t take it
eyes looking like i’m faded, i ain’t had sleep
i’ve been in the sink
i can hear the screaming
i woke up from a dream i was bleeding and cold
when the lights get dimmer in the kitchen
feeling like i need me a xan
i hit the mattress and dream about a better time
a voice calls me from the sky so when it’s time to
mail my burnt body to my family, let me say thank you to my grandma on my way out
feel it on my way down here
pick an escape route
took too much now i’ve been up in sp_ce now
on the range (on the range)
blow the face (blow the face)
and i ain’t coming down for some days
on the range (on the range)
outta range (outta range)
and i’mma cry when i hear your name, lauraine

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