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ed croucher - when the world ends lyrics


years passed yet i’m still a child, i guess i’ll be spinning in this whirlwind
tryna reinvent what it all means
but will you be there when the world ends?
and i’m trying to be a human being
now i’m questioning all of my time spent
and it’s death calling yeah you blocked the number but will you pick up when that line rings?
in the iris all i see is faith so i know we’ll make it up them right stairs
i was so lost they said ‘find god’ to me, looked inside and he was right there
the peace living where thе stars is
all this happen over light years
all my drеams turning into nightmares
i’m a g_nius what they’re gonna tell me but back then everyone was hiding
always wondered why that i didn’t cried when my grandma died cuz she lives inside me
and death is nothing more than an illusion but still it stings you like some poison ivy
speak my mind they gone say i’m sick so i’m out the bed and i’ll be ripping iv’s
kinda crazy how it change quick
i just blew my candles out and made a wish
i’m my superstar and i made a promise that before i die i’ll make it worth my time for this
all a sudden i’ll be back in ireland with grandpa shooting bullets in the ground
now every time i see how far we done came i think
what if i’d have turned that gun around?
(and then blow)

where will you be when the world ends?
when the world ends
where will you be when the world ends?
when the world ends?

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