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ease of disgust - disincarnate lyrics


the time to wake up is now!
open your mind and wipe off your eternal sleep faded eyes
enveloped in the ignorance
of arms the howl will smash and destroy the gl-ss cradle
of your dreams full of delusion. and our despair causes
the global fear which gains its power of outrage the wave
forms of the new terror politics and will own its
dictates to you remnants of souls will suffocate in
blazing fire of genocide! you hear new command from the
jaws of war and your mind blinded is reprogrammed to kill
to destroy to sell own your feelings just to be a puppet
in silent their hands! do you feel the smell of this
cutting lie? it twists your flesh with sharpened claws
its you’ve got no life you’re disincarnate you’ve got no
soul you are… we destroyed ourselves, and our lives
consumed in this world of corruption and graceless demise
we destroyed our future and brought up the pain, we are
disease of this planet, we are insane!

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