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dogma - gore gore girls lyrics


tied on the bed, wish to be dead
debbie has seen him first and she’ll start the playing
it’s easier with the blade but she’ll use the nails

in the club they chase their victims
can’t resist the s-xy b-tches

they’ll steal your heart, they’ll eat your guts
betsy’s getting hot, licks her sister’s finger
slide on her breast “color me blood red!”

gruesome twosome, crazy sisters
there’s something weird
their minds are twisted
the fury of 2000 maniacs!

unholy twins, they look so sweet
it’s much too late, they’re closing in
prepare yourself for the blood feast
beware the gore gore girls!
you watch ‘em dance, the sweaty chicks
you want to smell their teenage skin
a taste of blood, it’s yours they need
watch out the gore gore girls!

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