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disfigured - de-evolve lyrics


immunity to violence, mortal thoughts weaving
through society, dignity smolders to a fine ash
corrode the visions of our future
innovators of each others sickness
blind rage driving your massacre
comatosed into a state of loathing
riddle the masses with the extension of your weakness
hear the screams of innocent legions
begging mercy, trends of the depraved
debaucher yourself in the swill of self pity
feeble to a backwards grasp of what is real
pray to thе lost memory of better timеs
flushed with the power, annihilate the helpless
too blind to realize you are the one without hope
pathetic waste
grasp for your status by the means of dementia, false hope
a blind sense of security
de_evolve, what will we come to
regress to a basic form of the mind
animalistic s_d_st
comfort your lack of stability with the lives of innocents
the blame of your default throbs
within your perversion

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