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danger mouse - encore lyrics


both our families after gathering
we’re cutting a baby out
with my grandmother’s heirloom
the antler handled carving knife
they were under her grand chandelier
where we all, together, have shared holiday dinner
but it was your father that was holding the knife
yeah, i begged you not to make me tell you
yeah, i pleaded with you to, to leave it alone
i told ya, i told you that you didn’t want to know
what went on in my horrible dream
i was peering in through the picture window
it was a heart-warming tableau
like a norman rockwell painting
until i zoomed in
i was making noises in my sleep
but you wouldn’t believe me when i told ya
that i wasn’t with someone in my dream
catfish were wriggling in blood and gore
in the kitchen sink
yeah, i told ya, i told ya, i told you
now sweetie, please promise me
that you won’t sing
this sad song, grim augury

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