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cactus - cactus music lyrics


get your 45’s together and put a record on the deck
well it’s time to raise the
roof off here get ready and get set
let’s all sing this song together
everyone in time
forget your aggravation let it go it’s cactus time

raise your hands up to the music rock,rock
getting’ down with
cactus music never wanna stop

gonna feel that funky backbeat grease it up
with b-ss guitar once jimmy starts the
riffin’ you can´t sit down no more this is the
time of our lives takin’ everything in sight
cause this is cactus music
baby you are ours tonight

raise your hands up to the music rock, rock
getting’ down with cactus music
never want to stop
just let it go and lose it this is cactus music
rock’n’roll music rock, rock, rock

we supply the feeling you supply the need
come on and get movin’ feel the beat
we are built for comfort we are built for speed
now everybody boogie
let’s go, let’s go

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