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bruce kimmel - i guess i'll go home lyrics


i guess i’ll go home
take off my shoes, turn on the news
put a dinner in the oven and then
it’s another night alone
maybe i’ll be lucky and the phone
will ring
if it doesn’t, doesn’t mean a thing
just another night of channel switching
and endless eating
hey, i’m not b_tching
i’m just repeating
the pattern of the night before
once more again

i guess i’ll go home
i’ll read the times, catch up on crimes
find out who is getting screwed and by whom
i can open up my mail
look at the brochures and find a sale or two
bundle up so i don’t catch the flu
just another night to spend relaxing
without a worry
no, nothing taxing
nowhere to hurry
just the battle of the yawns to win
there in my room
you know, it’s a lovely life i’m leading
everything i’d ever need or want is mine—right?
and if there’s some slight internal bleeding
it’ll heal itself right up and i’ll be fine—right?

i guess i’ll go home
so much to do, and when i’m through
i’ll have eaten, read, and watched myself out
another night is gone at last
i am so amazed how really fast it went
another night of all my hours well spent
oh, it’s wonderful to have your time set
your plans unchanging
to know that i’m set
no rearranging
can it be fun to run around? now that i really doubt
so, why should i go out
when i’m happy bored by myself, oh yes?
and so, i guess
i’ll go home
i’ll go home
i’ll go home

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