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​bloodsekai - ​wanna be nice lyrics


i can tell with those eyes that you lie all the time
run away from home cuz your parents make you cry
been across the block, you’re always looking for a fight
though in your heart, you wanna be nice

tryna call my phone but i don’t respond
and it’s not your fault, i just been stressed out
forgot to take my meds, almost broke my walls
had to work till nine at my sh_tty job

time sure flies, i can’t do this
in my pj’s, i can’t act quick
think we’re friends, took long to cl!ck
wanna help you, we’re the same as is

you left and i never saw u again
it oesnt make any sense
cause we were more then just friends
i spent all of my time
just trying to make you mine
pretty girls make me blind
i guess my friends were right
maybe no one wants to be around after all
or im choosing evilpeople that want me to fall
after all i have n0body to call
cause when my life comes to a finsh
the world will keep spinnin

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