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alan guno - the one lyrics


you stare, as i walk by
can’t tell you why
the reasons i lied
and i know, i hurt you so
i made you cry
and now i must go

and though your love was all the earth and sky to me
with these last words i wanna make you see

know girl, you are my soul, girl
for you i’ll wait, until tomorrow
don’t be, so quick to leave me
though i was wrong i’m here to try and win you back
a hundred sorrys wouldn’t heal the pain i’ve caused
a thousand kisses can’t change what i’ve done
a million dreams have died except for this last hope
that i’m still the one

please, don’t run and hide
i still believe
how much you still feel
for me, and i will be
where i belong
and that’s all i need

and though our love was lost beyond what hearts can see
there’s one thing you can do to set me free

know girl, you are my soul, girl
my empty heart waits here in sorrow
don’t be, so scared to hear me
don’t be afraid to she’d the tears you’re holding back
a hundred times i’ve known just what i’d say to you
a thousand times i thought that we were done
but nothing could prepare me for the words you said
that i’m not the one

a dream like ours should not have died
betrayed your heart so strong and true
don’t let me look back on our days with regret
and always i’ll remember, you’ve paid my debt
and always i will love you
and i’ll never forget
never forget

know girl, you are my soul, girl
i cannot wait until tomorrow
i’ll prove, the man before you
is ready now to show you how he will be true
a hundred years will p-ss before i’ll give you up
a thousand risings of the summer sun
a million dreams i’d sacrifice to hear you say
that i’m still the one
that i’m still the one

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