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a tone da priest - explain that lyrics


it don’t make sense the way i dress or how i speak
but if there’s one thing certain they like me because i’m me (explain that)
it’s all been done before, there’s nothing unique
but without anything to say, we still speak (explain that)
(verse 1)
the times right, to take it there
plant another seed, handling affairs
time to savor and waste, quick so gone try to replace
blind faith, better days are ahead plan to escape
this pressure, the evils start to lesser
burn green down, i was born a stressor
feathers, gifted, heights that we are lifted
how could life be so perfect unscripted?
playing witness, disobeying scriptures
believe me, i’m just a man caught in the mixture
who’s better of reclining, staying high man
my reason for being, an ode to the sky’s plan
(verse 2)
redefinition, time to make a real brash decision
life, give in or fall back
we ride on this mission, out against the m-ss opinion
like fame ain’t really all that
recall that with memories, hoping they gone remember me
see how long that ember breathe, it’s gone act as if it’ll never be
defend or seek, men or meek
the earth is yours forever each is own
an absent home, so overgrown, true vision shown
repeat to make it work, sure to find some inspiration
build ones on creation, for an occupation
it’s not the chance was taken or the act wasn’t craved in
mind still enslaved, despite progress made and
just because it’s taught, it doesn’t me it’s true
and just because it bought, it doesn’t mean it’s you

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