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051 boom - better life (demo) lyrics


[verse 1]
loyalty ain’t a thing no more, they don’t fight for peace no more
the truth in this sh_t, they only want more war
if someone cut my wings, then how can i soar?
if someone only told me lies, then how can i be so sure?
my auntie dead, cancer ain’t got no cure
you make it out the hood, but your safety ain’t really assured
but i got hustle, though, ambition flow inside my dna
n_ggas say they happy, it used to mean that they were g_y
nowadays happy ain’t allowed today
vent or trust a b_tch then you get played
or by the managers whеn you chase the money and thе fame
you born when you given a new life, you work for the immaculate that wasn’t in your conception
is that’s why everyone around me believes in rejection
that’s just life though, natural selection
sandy hook happened, what happened to our protection
another drive_by, no goodbyes, gone by a gun, another hit_n_run, what happened to left, wrong or right?
i let my enemies watch me, but god keeps me safe through the night
i’m praying for a better life


[verse 2]
life’s so crazy, everyone turns their backs
you can add people, but the only thing in the end is that you subtract
your head may not be high enough, but it’s the only thing that you can keep intact
everyone just sheep, while the elite just wolves in a pact
you got many weak days, everyone looks forward to the weak ends
cause that’s when you get a day off and the pain finally ends
gotta make a truce man, to all my enemies, so many trusts that i have bend
it’s all the negative and dumb sh_t that only got you to trend
if everything i stand for is gone, then what could i defend?

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