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zoan – if i can be كلمات اغاني


i don’t know if i can be
anything more than a spectacle
i don’t know if i can be
happy without the chemicals
i don’t know if i can be
more than just a dreamer
i don’t know if i can be
someone that makes you a believer

attention come when i want
attention come when i dread it
god blessed me with things to flaunt
it’s always bittersweet being someone’s fetish
if i was bigheaded, would it make you feel at ease
so that you can have something to say about me
so that you can say i’m just like everyone else in the scene
could i redeem those who need redemption
could i really lead people to get out their depression
could i really answer the question
of why i’m the one happy when my folks be stressing
more than just a phenomenon
more than just a celebrity
can i lead unbelievers to god
and win the hearts of my enemies

can i inspire g_y dudes
to want to crave a woman
can i take my career far enough
where my tunes are what the kids choose to be humming
will i be able to stop running
from my circumstances
make the most of my chances
or will i just be trapped
stay mad at the fact
that i attended the devil’s dances
will the name zoan be a punchline
or will i let it be known during the crunch time
will i be able to become a legend in a game that’s run by
gatekeepers and white folks that are uncomfortable
that a gook is a capable of having sold out shows
i don’t know what is to be of me
and i wrote this one because i don’t know if i can be