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z – ro – never had love كلمات اغاني


“never had love”

b-tch, what you say hoe
i don’t love your dog -ss b-tch

i never had love for a b-tch, i’m about my money
even if they murder me, i ain’t going nowhere
turn up the volume to the radio, i’ll be right there
and i never had love for a n-gg-, i’m about my money
i’m a million dollar mack, that’s how i carry myself
and can’t no woman have my heart, cause i’m gon’ marry myself

my first diss song that, yeah that use to be me
every sunday morning, and every wednesday night i would be
at crerstmont church of christ, just my daddy and me
but i know he didn’t love me, because i was raised by the streets
never took the time to teach me, bout the birds and the bees
don’t even know if he was proud of me, for making a’s and b’s
west fewquay and ridgevan, made me a man
took my first onion rocked it up, and i made me a grand
17 years ago is just like yesterday, i remember it well
young n-gg- going to school, working hustling
and living on the street, i was going through h-ll
and iiiiii’ve got no regrets, but i’m not finished yet
i know i’ve come along way, but it’s so far to go
and since, ain’t none of y’all motherf-ckers helped z-ro


y’all already know what, they want from me
simply to see me b-r-o-k-e, and d-e-a-d
i can’t escape the h-a-t-e
my baby mamas make me wanna just, squeeze the trigger
feeling like the world, don’t need me n-gg-
seem like none of my daughters, hardly see me n-gg-
i’m sorry baby, you know your daddy crazy
seem like your mama’s always, got a problem with ro
i done put up with it long enough, i ain’t gon’ take it no mo’
if i’m not appreciated, it’s time for me to go
i’d rather they file child support, i’ma just send the dough
time is p-ssing by, and i ain’t even there to see you grow
life is hard but it’s fair, and i promise i’ma be there but uh


i’m laughing at y’all b-tch n-gg-z, like ahh-haaa
mad at me, cause i’m in a bentley when i slide by
louis vuitton, marc jacob, gucci or prada
n-body but me, cuts slices out of my pie
i’m riding dirty, but my ride so clean
like a pamper full of baby sh-t, and irish spring
b-tch, you ain’t nothing but a greasy split
paying me money, the only way you can please me b-tch
i’m a walking talking -ss whipping, i’m the squab father
if it’s mo’ than one n-gg-, that’s when i squab harder
somebody need to be murdered, i got a job offer
i got that concrete, these other boy’s hard softer
my b-tch get off the plane, you can get that hard off her
you could get that bottom, and that head bob off her
before i love a b-tch, i’m shopping for shoes
and all the b-tch bread is mine, but the c-ck is for you ya trick