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yung gxd – fake cigarettes كلمات اغاني


yung gxd

somehow i’m still not dead
haven’t given up haven’t tasted on lead
it all started when i stopped talking to the b-tch
f-ck it all i wanna slit my wrists
end it all, no more no more
toaster in a bathtub i become thor
i just wish i didn’t start
all cause a shawty playing with my heart
so f-cking hard how i try to break free
only question i have is why was it me
i just wanted to pick up the knife
all i wanted was to end my life
feeling like a sad boy swallowing cyanide
how is it one day your love just died
all i wanted was to be with you
that’s all i wanted and you f-cked me up
f-cked me up felt like an uppercut
f-cked me up felt like kick to the nuts
f-ck love i hate hate myself like
gotta get outta here i take my bike
look at my phone its 10:33
look ahead and i can’t see
one in the morning i cook a steak
thinking bout when you made me break
weed, is what i dealt
pain, is what i felt
you f-cked me up can’t you see
look at all this harm you caused me
you broke my f-cking heart
depression, got a j sparked
f-ck this sh-t i hate all thots
sitting alone tying up a slipknot
f-ck i just miss you
we never talk it’s got me feeling blue
wanna cut my wrist with a blade
smoking fake cigarettes with goth babe
we never talk and that’s part of the problem
we never talk and that’s part of the solution