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yung deli – veto كلمات اغاني


pull up on your block know we bout to blow it down causing tragic like osama but don’t make a sound keep it booming like some base yea we keep it loud i got you scared i call this it i’m penniewise the clown

boy you stupid and dumb so put your hand backdown i put some lyrics on your head that’s gonna make you frown i call this veto cause i refuse to let you bring me down you can’t rap i know you trash just like the cleveland browns
making money now they say i’m funny now i don’t shoot but you’ll be left with 100 rounds double v’s with a s now i’m blinging now they telling me to stop but you know that i’m never finish

i give you treatment for your health like you at the clinic i just burned you with some heat now you need a witness

now that’s a ko and i did itwith a quickness i told you step up to the plate and you say you fearless

they be like yung deli what is your appearance boy imma buy you like some clothes like you on a clearance imma do it by myself with no interference keep it simple like some magic that’s a disappearance

they gone be like yung deli i need your -ssistance man you don’t need no help i’mma keep my distance

just like batman and robin you are my -ssistant yung deli got the flow yeah you know it’s vicious

i been getting money since i was lil deli when i turned super saiyan i knew i was ready yeah i had all the beef just with no spaghetti i’m just hanging with the crew like ed, edd, eddy but got the scope with the beam so you know i’m ready

take you first love turn her to a valentine i been dropping heat so you know i’m on my grind i just need some more clout ain’t now wasting time i just do this stuff for fun i will never sign unless we talking bucks then i change my mind but just for now on yung deli hit decline but if you wanna make a song you can hit my line boy i’m taking flight like im on a airline got me blinging like i’m drake that’s a hotline imma keep my life there is not a deadline another horror movie you can call me frankenstein