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yeastie girlz – fcc كلمات اغاني


we’re the yeastie girlz
we’re on the radio now
we wanna talk about s-x but we’re not allowed
’cause fcc is crackin’ down hard
they want everything to sound just like a hallmark card
they won’t even let us talk about number 2
but i wonder what they call it when they get it on their shoe
we know what word they’re using but we can’t say it
’cause the fcc is full of bullsh–

we’re the yeastie girlz and we’re here to say
that you’d better do something and right away
yeah you’d better wake up and start using your head
’cause your first amendment rights are just about dead
well the fcc will tell ya or haven’t you heard
they think that freedom of speech is a dirty word

well the yeasties got a message for the people who agree
with the stupid regulations of the fcc
you think your kids will be corrupted if they hear about poo?
well there’s nothing wrong with them, we think the problem is you!
biology is neat, we like our bodies just fine
if you’re telling us it’s dirty, well we say you’re lying
well they call it a free country but it feels like a prison
so write the federal communication commission

get your pen and paper ready ’cause here’s the address
1919 m street northwest
washington d.c. 20036
so tell ’em that they’re stupid
go tell ’em that they’re des-troying our expression ’cause they think it’s outrageous
tell ’em that they’re living in the dark ages
we’re the yeastie girlz, and we’re here to say
we want the fcc to go away
yeah go away!