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yaboichester – skeet(snippet) كلمات اغاني


eat a b-tches p-ssy while it’s wet (yuh) gotta b-tch drippin like sweat (yuh) play peek-a-boo with dat b-tch p-ssy yachty
(aye) gotta go to a party sip dat bubbly (yea,yea,yea) gotta get dat money (yea,yea,yea) it’s yaboichester on this beat ya girl was shy till she sat on this d-ck (yea,yea,yea) got yo b-tch drippin out your panties cause you a p-ssy n-gg- that real,real,real. she suck on my d-ck (yuh) while i play with her t-t’s (ya,aye) yea i switch up my flows (yuh) i don’t really care who knows (aye) it’s not like it really matters anyway (yuh) but still f-ck yo b-tch anyway (yuh) don’t really care what my mama say she don’t really control me anyway bye