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yzb – splashin كلمات اغاني


aye, yo imma go in. imma go in watch this

(whoa) it’s the green goblin in the building, villain came to k!ll em so go hide the f-ckin children. been gone for a minute but the bro stay dripping. cut throat flow this that o.j simpson. lost then i found it, king throwing dimes out the pocket that’s a crown vick. pounds of the powder they got ounces on ounces. then a kid’s allowance takes em out to the mountains. that’s the way the business goes. keep that shit halal and watch the rest from my peripherals. staying independent got myself to push the limits, if a label wanna sign me they ain’t getting any interest. everybody wants a feature and a chance to touch the menace…

this is for the baes, dweebs, nerds, jocks, all the ones that slept when i was busy in the workshop. let em know they really blind. make sure they get dropped, cause they can’t see a monster in the making like it’s birdbox
fading to the crowd like a dirk shot, don’t get hurt, this is not a hobby it’s a third job. word to all my enemies, yo it’s time to rest in peace. how you think you cooking when i got the only recipe? d-mn. you raising the bar while i’ve been above it, lot of people try to climb but they never get to the summit, this is what they always wanted, i’m just keeping it 100, they just let it out on me because it’s hard for them to stomach that i run it

but that ain’t real concerning to me. i won’t stop till the whole world’s heard of the beast, lurking the deeps swerving on beats, birds and the bees knocking up the game check the paternity test, think less. first senorita told me “be best”. catch me splashin up and down in key west. checking on my stocks, it’s a reflex. barely got the time to go to sleep, yet still making heat for the peeps. (yes)

scout the competition it’s insightful. if they talking shit then its on sight fool. imma go to war without a f-cking rifle, prepare for the arrival, they ain’t really bout it far as i know

magic with the pen and paper manifested into greater hopes but don’t come without a ton of wagers. greatest in the game i’m making loafs like i’m a baker, stop running from the goat and take a note from brother nature hoe. renegade with it got some lemons finna make some minute maid. gimme all the smoke i feel like dame lillard, game winner. calvin cambridge, don’t turn the lights off. pipe bombing drama like i’m mike tomlin with it. take a nikon and stick it on a tripod, keep it steady when you got it pointed at an icon living like i’m will smith’s son. meet up with me when the deals get done. but right now i gotta k!ll this one

ill with the spit, we ain’t militant, gotta keep my cool like we playing pool on the miniclip. change the window really quick. they ain’t finna catch me slipping. b-tches wanna kiss, f-ck cuddle, kfc ain’t no bag of chicken. staying on their knees, yeah they kaepernicking. wanna grab attention while i’m puttin numbers up, need a statistician. going jack the ripper man i really been a savage with it. watching rappers cap about them capping heads and trapping different

whoa. gave em what they wanted to know. legends never die but they come and they go. always wondering how i run with the flow. doing this awhile i ain’t done with it though