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yxung plague – the start of the breaking point كلمات اغاني


i am wasting my time
for something to make my life better
or to make sure to give me something to f_cking live for
i hate that i f_cking can’t break this cycle
i hate that i can’t express myself
i dont want be like everyone else
why do i think like this?
why do you think how i got to this point?
why do you think i wanna die this much?
what makes you think i wanna stay the same?
i wanna change
i wanna do the things i love that keeps me awake that keeps awake everyday
i am starting to lose my f_cking mind
why did you have to die?
why wasn’t it mе instead?
she did nothing wrong
i wanna join her in dеath
if that happens she will hate me

f_ck you for taking her life
k!ll yourself you f_cking b_tch
i wanted her to give her the best life
i want you to come back to life
please don’t leave me

i may not be doing good for myself
i might getting closer to lose my sh_t
but no one else needs to know that
if i’m not gonna make it soon
then i’ll make sure everyone will forget about me
the stress is getting too much for me to handle
if the only place for me to let things out
gets removed then finding another spot will be harder to find
all the harm you put on me
has led me to this point
i have tried to fix my health
but it keeps on breaking
after all i done, i will be gone soon