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​​yxngfuture – 500 hours كلمات اغاني


500 hours, p_ssy n_gga
stop f_ckin’ with me, n_gga
real sh_t, n_gga
yxngfuture, n_gga, stop playin’ (mmm)

[verse 1]
you ain’t gotta hold onto me, b_tch, let go
i’ma shoot the bl!ck once, and see how that go
said she wanna link up and f_ck, b_tch, h_ll no
my place, 9 a.m., roger that, b_tch, 10_4
emptied the clip, had to grab my m4
met with the b_tch, had to dip at 10, though
cheated on her n_gga blasting me in her headphones
i could never simp, throw a hoe to the end zone
short, fat ass, but she strong like rhino
painted her face all white, albino
.45 make a n_gga turn white, vitiligo
f_ck with a n_gga, i’ma make you psycho
said she was single, what the f_ck you lied for?
i can’t stand on thesе hoes like a tightrope
oh, you wanna f_ck, you gotta gеt in line, ho
opps at the front, snuck in through the side door
n_ggas can’t guard me, so i shoot iso
i never fold, trade a penny for a dime ho
she never stopped, so i switched timezones, (yeah)
wouldn’t save a ho if she broke her elbow
spent about 100 on comme des garçons
yo b_tch dirty, something like flintstone
my b_tch badder, and her wrist froze

[verse 2]
bag on his head, money increased tenfold
n_gga tried to sn_tch my chain, i got ten more
told the b_tch to stop worryin’ and hop in the enzo
called up the gang so we could stretch him
ran down on him, he learned his lesson
n_gga started runnin’, put a switch on my weapon
glock with the beam, and the sh_t got extensions
.45 straight from smith & wesson
can’t get caught stressin’ about my exes
i got hoes now, why am i stressin’?
i can really rap on any beat, don’t test me
made up a lie so she can s_x me
choppa came automatic, so i shoot carelessly
n_ggas ain’t on sh_t, they can’t press me
can’t go to sleep, i got ptsd
blew up like osama after that ho left me
catch him lacking in his bed, now he’s really resting
keep the sh_t going, them boys can’t stop me
dialed her number so she can top me
try me again, you’ll go out like notti
your ho clean, but she suck d_ck real sloppy
i stay on her mind, she can never swap me
bulletproof amg, they can’t pop me, n_gga
okay, i’m done
500 f_ckin’ hours, n_gga
it’s lil’ future, n_gga, pipe the f_ck down or get shot the f_ck up, n_gga