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yungsublime – blessed with this curse كلمات اغاني


p_ssy boy i’ll just be takin this sh_t
and just make it a hundred n million
times, better, never tell me never
i’ma do exactly what the f_ck i want forever
hits like mayweather
float like a muhhf_ckin feather
i got no contender
they step to the pedestal
tryna compete with the man
but their bodies i severed
it’s so insane i been changing my ways
and i think about it everyday
man i could’ve ended up like this jit
now you’re just stuck n your wasting away
but i’m not that closed minded
so you know i’m gon find it
cuz i been my own pilot
only guiding me the way

up to the top
i’m never gon stop
unless i just drop
but not on purpose you gon have to k!ll me
get out of this earth
give me your worst cuz i know i can take it muhhf_cka
i been in the game for too long n i know what i’m worth
i told ya i’m blessed with this curse