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yungsublime – 4 the best كلمات اغاني


said i had to switch up
couldn’t be the same cuz everything i had to pick up
man that sh_t was so tough, enough
with that bullsh_t, i didn’t even know sh_t
till i got up out of high school
got out wondered what should i do
i didn’t but thought i struggled with my iq
thought i wouldn’t make the right move
there’s no saying that i might lose
cuz i’m never gonna do it
know you tryna make me lose it
cuz i’m gonna make my music
whether not if you like me
you can try da go and f_ck with my psyche
ima have to make you jump from a high beam
no flying, f_ck the timing
cuz ya dying
does it matter how you go it shouldn’t mind me
but to keep it real it kinda does
just to watch you fly up like a dove
d_mn it’s so complicated
with no conversation
how you еver gonna know
we coulda kept it on thе low
but instead you wanted for me to go
why the f_ck you take him off
then put him back on
not for that long
when we coulda talked it out
wish i knew what that was all about
but i know that you were feeling doubt
but in the end it worked for the best
i would give in i gotta confess
i wouldn’t be doin this
i rather would lose a b_tch
i wouldn’t be doin sh_t
i gotta get through with it

can’t believe i made it up to twenty one
d_mn i didn’t think that i would ever make it
don’t mistake it, ima save it for the lil me
told’em one day you gon’ have to still see
all the sh_t that i was tryna move on from
somedays i dont wanna see tomorrow come
b_tch don’t tell me that i needa go on a long run
thats the wrong one
when i couldn’t get up, couldn’t walk none