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yung po - mystic shit (leaned out remix) lyrics


chiefin’ smokin’ good, man, just like i should, man
roll up and i’m stripping with that motherf_cking tone_tone, man
full of sleeves and dripping, man
call me what i’m sick of, man
chillin’ like a neck, feed the food and f_ckin’ cash, man
bit_b_tches on my lounge, man
slingers got to die, man
pull up on the sucka put the back up to this sp_ce, man
bustas trying to test my nuts, show up with a moth, but bonk
smoke up like a f_ckin’ bud, i’ve been needle from the jump
mystic sh_t is what i bone, man, this phone we go_got me smoked
feel that sh_t up in my lungs, tell my world to play that phone
yo, smoke up down the bucket, most of your pictures [?]
running like a cheeky, even motherf_cker cluck in man

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