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yourfavouritehonky – track #15 self diss pt2 كلمات اغاني


yo, kieran, what’s up man?
why you always on the internet, sitting in your room?
you’re so short, barely reaching my waist
maybe if you went outside for a bit, you could get a taste
of some real life, instead of just living in a game
but no, you’re stuck staring at catgirls, it’s such a shame
you even used a pokemon smash or pass to get views that’s some low_level sh_t, dude, you need to up your moves
you’re wasting your time, chasing cl!cks and fame
you could be doing something real, not just playing a game
why don’t you go outside for a bit, looking at all those catgirls are making your brain cells take a hit
wakе up, man, it’s time to be a real pеrson and quit
all this internet fame, it’s not worth it in the end