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your auntie – usoghetto كلمات اغاني


uh, don, pick up

[verse 1: your auntie]
i’m in_i’m in love with a white girl named bianca
and she got me hard just like a piranha
and that’s my bae, and that’s my mama
and i’m so glad that i found her
and i know lil bitty hoe like you
i don’t want no ghetto thot like you
you say you miss me, oh that’s cool
like how you gon’ leave my ass for a menace
you suckin’ his d_ck and his name is dennis
you call me a b_tch, you look like janice
you send me photos, you can’t arch
like b_tch, you is my dog, now bark
woof, woof, like you is a furry
said i’m musty, b_tch, you dirty
you always snitchin’ like that birdie
can’t be trusted, you is a hoe
like you is a stripper, don’t ride on my pole
you want me, but i won’t keep it on low
gon’ make sure that my baby know
that hoe say, do you love me? i’m like, no
like you is a simp, you ain’t got no motion
like you is a witch, b_tch, get your potion
you mad i got famous cause i promotion
like tf, tf, tf, tf, is that’s all you say
and i’m sorry dumb b_tch, you not my bae
like b_tch, you better stay in your place
you think you always get your way
h_ll no, i don’t want you
but your cousin is my boo
know her favorite color’s purple
when we kiss, we go in circles
and her cousin ain’t very hurtful
are you mad cause i’m taken
like, are you mad cause i made it
like, are you mad i got famous
like, she so mad she can’t tame it
she make me sick
i’m sorry, but i am not one of your b_tches
i’m sorry you got the iq of a pigeon
you sippin’ for me like i am a mission
i feel like i’m booker, i’m having a vision
you mad you broke, can’t get a tuition
you always send me links on temu
like, can i get a free gift
like, h_ll no, go get a job, you thot
like, you so ghetto, you so ratchet
and she got mad, she call me a f_ggot
she be like, i’m in love with dread heads
like, b_tch, n0body asked
you got no tits, you got no ass
i feel like i’m sonic, gotta go fast
i feel like i’m kid flash, gotta go dash
i feel like i’m tessa, gotta go rat
like, he said this, he said that
she so mad, i’m speakin’ facts
dumb ass

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