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young misty – lambo كلمات اغاني


f-ck you n-gg-s, imma start by f-ckin’
got a lambo, ’cause y’all suckin’
god made me to behave
you n-gg-s really luckin’
dope smoke my dope, ayy
the h-ll you talkin’ bout them n-gg-s broke
everybody broke so we in the same crib
music gang, blood gang in this sh-t
i know why y’all hatin’
cause you n-gg-s suck boy d-ck

lambo, lambo, lambo, baby, yah
n-gg-s don’t wanna to be called negro
i don’t f-ck with cops or the haters
my n-gg-s be stayin’ lit, i filled the club with paper
later later, n-gg- big head just like a alligator
lambo lambo, lambo lambo lambo
gang gang gang gang gang
with that ap in the lambo