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young korgy - 2011 is ours! lyrics


[verse _ young korgy]
ayo, it’s young korgy and i’m f_ckin’ up another track
the new year is ours, if you don’t like it, suck a dack
chokin’ like “quack, quack,” gettin’ left in a tire track
‘cause you whack and we just fly as fack when we rap
we playin’ warcraft, that’s where it’s at
i’m so f_ckin’ hot, i be sourin’ your dairy
and i gank so much, they call me the ‘gank fairy’
but don’t mistake me for bein’ g_y, ‘cause when i play
i’m on a straight and narrow path of blood spillin’
k!llin’ and i’m just trillin’
true and real, you know the deal
i murder hoes when i play tag, always on that red and black swag
rockin’ red and black rags and i always stay flagged
i know i’ve said it in another song
and previously, i’ve rhymed song with bong
if you don’t like it then, b_tch, don’t sing along or even listen
and if you are, then quit your b_tchin’
they say i’m goin’ ham, that’s ‘cause i’m goin’ hard
call me ‘sam i am,’ ‘cause i go r_t_rd
i am a wordsmith, a hip_hop bard
i’m on that captain status like i’m jean_luc picard
like i said in “swagged out,” i’m on that fire_dragon
the flames i spit are so hot, i got your pc laggin’
i got a lot of nicknames and here is another
call me ‘tapatio,’ ‘cause i’m like hot sauce and i’m tappin’ ally mothers
b_tches call me “goldilocks”
‘cause i got my g stacked in piles and i roll with warlocks
swagger_jackers copy me, but they just cheap knock_offs
[verse _ truff]
gank squad in the buildin’ on a korg track
top tier, the next thing about to happen, jack
best ta get your mind right ’cause i’m still gankin’
any ally throwin’ up a’s in my sight
y’all know me, i’m the guy that brought s_xxii back
in the form of a k!lla, got ya likin’ that
pikachu is leet, noonoo is a beast
kbm shoutin’ on ya for the team indeed
“hi” to all my haters, please stay on your job
to the fans, let’s show ‘em how we steady ball
let me see you queue, pve put up your flags
show ‘em how they bleed horde in the f_ckin’ mid
i know this gank muzik ain’t for a lot of you
but we got you still bumpin’ ‘cause we speak the truth
keep the horde crunk, in thrall we trust
for the win, red and black stay victorious
blue flags droppin’, body counts rockin’
all this honor that i get, call it “pocket”
this massacre, it ain’t never stoppin’
‘til alliance in they place, beneath us

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