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ynkeumalice – sneakpeak كلمات اغاني


how you be in that thong wearing with pride you like to show off ik you the nastiest yet the freakiest how you be laced up in my head i want to see it fr this time give me a sneak peak i give you a sneak peak show you this good life this life ain’t a joke i show out i show off just have a good time we gonna be alright just chance it with me and you see
what a night you having
got you feeling the night
take it slow if i do
when i do take it slow
imma give you that sneak peak
that preview to the good life
and how it be fr how it can be fr
make you want it but your lips
it can be our secret if you want keep it low imma keep hush baby tell me the deal are willing to kick it with me make a move with me knowing your a freaky girl knowing what you be wearing ain’t sl!ck how it be different in person how act different around me how you feeling yourself to the selfies of you

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