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ynkeumalice – gettin 2 كلمات اغاني


i can’t sit this one out i’m getting too impatient with stress i can’t get out of my head i’m getting to deep in thought
ik that life is more then what it should be
knowing i be wonder if im getting 2 different with myself i can’t recognize anymore question who i am why i am here on a soul contract ik i rebirth but not yet i’m getting to anxious about the future that i’m not sure of yet choices i didn’t plan for yet i’m too way advance for this getting 2 old for this sh_t this getting getting ridiculous for the world
estrange behaviors and delusions i can explain don’t question me ik know me well to i’m doing well enough thank care for all who care way too much i’m doing fine just a little uneasy in pain too many thoughts in my brain giving me a migraine

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