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ynkeumalice – fall season كلمات اغاني


how you the fall with a cold heart
how you give me chills one look at you
you take my breath away how you
change like a seasons how everything
must come to a dead end how we falling
out of love don’t go breaking my heart
just let me down easily if you leave me
how we started in fall how it’s love like
this hard too find the way you make me
feel is addicting making me want more
how i’m feeling you how it be with you
when you changing i can’t help to notice
the chills you give me how it ends
and hurts how you long gone
how i remember it like yesterday how
you came and left took my heart with you
ik you cold what comes nexts is a cold dead
winter i’m lost with out you how it hurts
my heart to see you go and walk when
i thought what we had was dear to my heart
special to my heart how you walked away
without a care you hear less for the way
you left the way you did how i am alone
it’s cold winter without you how my heart
is in the cold and your in the dust

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