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yayuh – boomerang كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: blkw]
ooo, i don’t like minecraft
wanna play me in fortnite but b_tch i’m playing minecraft
jk, double wrist all on my house
it’s like a pancake

[verse 2: gummballz]
we up to no good when i pull up with my goons
we hiding in yo bushes like some f_cking raccoons
hit up chinatown, now we chowing on rangoons
you know we use chopsticks, b_tch f_ck a spoon
[verse 3: arktik]
i don’t even like you
no me gusta
even built like omar
me desgusta
second monkey phase got me estreña
b_tch i don’t even speak spanish
nor do i even wanna speak spanish
yeah y_y_y_y_y_y_yeah i’m built like batman orangutan
put the eyebrow up like big man dwayne
smack my man up with a dose of chest pain

[verse 4: henix]
i’m all in yo b_tch like the energizer bunny
imma f_ck up my wallet then run out of money
that last check bounced cause i spent like a dummy
now i’m out at the mall and i’m looking all bummy
guess what, i’ll take yo girl and yo man
f_ck it, i’ll f_ck ya dad and the whole fam
didn’t just take yo girl, i just f_cked yo family tree
i’m out in these streets, call me johnny appleseed