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y2g – life in a society (prod. danielzbeatz) كلمات اغاني



i remember back when i wanted to drop dead

getting k!lled by you by myself when i was ten

load a fucking glock then c-ck the sucker back and blow my fucking top down and lay with a popped head oh fuck man

(but)nobody would care about it and that is the truth

and there’s no other angle of it just ask all the youths

they were the one who caused my feelings believing that i was wrong

and it almost made leave the scene that we all call

life what even is life

its like a knife slice that dices your mind thrice

you might find a nice wife or fight lies your wide life or find light inside of a shine eye of a fly dime

thats just what i feel might not be real but for me it appears like thats why we here

but i can see what they say is real might not be the deal so close your eye and try to feel how i feel

if the truth they tell us is real, why is it so important that we learn it from the same source

its a way to keep you in their box, because if you believe something else theyll teach you something else with insane force

fuck it

i need fucking help for me to decide

if i wanna be dead, asleep or alive

if i want to be feed with all of their lies

if i resist they will end my fucking life

heres why

its not the government it is a secret society

and it’s being lead by demons thats playing hide and seek

but its twist so when people inderstand whats going on

that the famous people controlls us they k!ll them and move along

you dont believe me, you dont need to

but you will see my cus im not see through

cus i know that fosho i will blow im loco but controll the people like the popo lets go bro

i think the devils tryna get me collect my body and soul

this shit is really hectic it best be annoying your dome

you see a bunch of problems but nodding the sign of no

but you know that peoples minds and lives are being sold

they give you buncha drugs but banning the stuff that’s grown

but we are simulated everything is being controlled

you tell yourself your going out to make the night super fun

but ehat you dont reslize all of this has been done

walking to the store to get a pop, done

walking out your door and meets a cop, done

going through the drawers to find a stop, to your son

shooting up your school over nothing, all of that has someone made up

lifes a fucking race and its crazy that we dont know it

fore you born youre getting chased by your mates from your daddys blow and

next thing that you crave is a bab you tryna score in

and then we getting paid of their made up fucking story

they ask me what is happiness honestly i dont know

i just tryna blow and then glow of the shit i wrote

hopefully they notice the storys im telling both

the factual for me and the factual for a morons

pain is another subject they love that we get to feel

if we get enough of we’ll stop for them that’s real

but if we are too happy it has to be taken down

x spread positivity literally top to ground