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xxxtentacion – nights alone كلمات اغاني



rat critter then nap of the sack
n-gg- whose p-ssy just raps bigger than men of a pack
run to the top of a great bridge
grip on the bus
and the black n-gg-s who tryna rep black n-gg-
what is you choose? it’s simply irrelivant
so inevident, please
wrestling evidence
keep moving, with definence
this all goes for the president
believe right with the governmentese
rights who gotta be kept outta place, right when you ’bout to lay
cold literally goes into these gold diggers
call me and any of your friendly cults when the
gas and the cash couldn’t be stashed, finna

break (instrumental)

i seem depressed
always being bothered, and never less
keeping me out of prison and putting me to the test
they ask me what is happiness- you write it on a check, or you feel it on the sweat when your d-ck is in the breast, huh