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xxxtentacion – revenge (phone call) كلمات اغاني


i’ll f-ck you thread around everything
on everything
your p-ssy was there for me (was there for me)
you know what you did to me (you did to me)
i’m having withdrawals , withdrawals (withdrawals)
but you don’t know what you stand for me, you done to me
that p-ssy was ecstasy (was ecstasy)
you said i’m the chosen one
your only one
i know i was wrong
f-ck, but that p-ssy was ecstasy (ecstasy)
i want you right under me
te amo mami
you were the one for me (the one for me)
i know i did wrong, so wrong, wrong

i’ll f-ck you thread around everything (on everything)
you knew you were everything (everything)
i’ll f-ck with everything (everything)