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wolfgang hunter – drunk in a morgue كلمات اغاني


it caused me a back massage and a bit of self_sabotage
and i’m sorry for the noise
it’s my boys in the back
they can’t figure out which midi drum patch works best with my voice
they don’t write in the name of the lord
they write cause they’re too f_cking bored
oh landon, i f_ck with that chord
it reminds me of a dream where i drank three coors with my mama in the morgue
she told me that she loved me
she told me that she’d hurt me if she wasn’t stuck in a drawer
if she wasn’t drunk in a morgue
and she’s glad that i found some new friends cause my old friends that she resents
well she kicked it ‘fore we made amends
and i didn’t mean for this song to be a sad story about my mom
well i’m pretty f_cking strong now
the days are growing long now
i miss you and i love you very much, mom