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wiz khalifa – kleenex كلمات اغاني


(feat. kev da hustla)

money b-tch, money b-tch, money b-tch

boy i got money, money, money
i got mo money
ever run out of guap, i get more money
don’t gotta think, i just know money
kleenex paper, all i blow is money
i got money, money, money
i got mo money
another couple grand, are fo sho money
gettin rubba band on the low money
n-gg-s hate but all the hoes wanna f-ck me
i got money

i got mo money
blow it by the o money
mix tapes, over a hundred thousand sold money
young, but i been getting cake so i got old money
you n-gg-s trickin on your b-tch, so that’s your hoes money
and i ain’t playin picturin n-gg-s sayin he stole from me (picture that)
i got put it on your head, and get your gon money
marathon long money
you n-gg-s weak, i got barry bonds strong money
top 8 tall money
beyonce song, um ring the alarm money
i spend so much on ink, even my arms money
i talk money, to broke n-gg-s, i talk funny
no breaks so the haters can’t stop money
now that’s a lot of money, too much to think to count
that check card money, my bars is bank accounts
a month i make about, hmmmm sh-t, i won’t even say, just know i’m getting paid.


money in my shoe box, that’s my pot of spinach
tall money, small money, like a f-ckin mission (ok)
i got mo’ money (yea), show money (yea)
money by my tube socks call it dro money
dro money, kush cash (what’s that?)
o money so i blow it out a big bag
mall paper, 10 bags
get it roller coaster fast (what’s that?) 6 flags
how that money come? like a track meet
alley money boy, get in on a backstreet
time to re-up, my blood call, said he online cop before he log off
i get straight cash, that’s bank sh-t
dumb monkey money, i call it ape sh-t
sp-ce sh-t, alien green
get it when it’s hot, west coast money
knadda mean?