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​​wifisfuneral - in too deep lyrics


where’s wifi?
[? adlibs]

brand new s_i_t, mm
lil weef that me, mm
you steady broke, but you hating
[?] i don’t get it whatchu’ mean?
[?] d_i_e, but this perc right here make me deceased
[?] 100 diors on my feet[?]
used to be broke [?]
dead to my soul with the pills
i’m in too deep
it’s ok if i die baby it’s me
walk with the dead with my head out in peace
packin’ 100s lined up for my [?]
told you i rock at the stage for a fee
she got that water so f_ck it i feast
[?] countin’ the crease
in my stomach that’s the belly of the beast
you a b_tch you p_i_e
like the lord try to crucify me
oh lord she done got up on her knees

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