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wade – it’s on كلمات اغاني


[intro: wade]
(yea), uh
when we roll them blunts, we be smoking bomb sh-t
we roll them blunts, we be smoking bomb sh-t
we roll them blunts, we be smoking bomb sh-t
young n-gga mo’f-cker don’t start sh-t

[verse 1: wade]
saved this game, now we popping that champagne
f-cking all these b-tches that now know my name
watch out for my goons, they got them glocks man
making sure you stay quiet, you don’t wanna hear the bang
(yea) it’s that boy they call m.wade
maserati car that sh-t look like asanti
chilling with my n-ggas while i’m spitting like them southern games
stupid bad b-tches with big -sses and i’m good man
b-tches love to gossip and that’ll never change
i love money i should just be going green
they say they clean but i don’t ever f-cking trust em man
looking so lost, how the h-ll’d you get here man
i’m riding for my team, your the designated driver
do what i gotta do you can call that sh-t survivor;
game shows, fake foes, an abundance of b-tches
got these n-ggas so scared they all f-cking twitching
young n-gga in here, you know how i do it
finger on the trigger, you way too scared to pull it
watch me take flight like i’m faded
calling old hoes just to let em know “i made it”

and y’all ain’t on the sh-t that i’m on
y’all ain’t on the sh-t that i’m on
love my f-cking team, my team so f-cking strong, n-gga

[verse 2: sherrod]
it’s on
and you can tell by my swag, b-tch
hop up on the mic and then i jump into my bag quick
everywhere i go man i’m bound to f-ck a bad chick
n-ggas say they do the same but they b-tches be average
a savage, is the only way that they describe me
you don’t want no beef, a n-gga box like he ali
try me
i’ll have you hooked up to a iv
but i’m laid back, so you can just prolly
catch me with some dominican, puerto rican mamis
spitting game at em, tryna get me a minajy
got a chick she call me baby boy, no taraji
if you disrespect me you gon make me catch a body
and me and my n-gga wade, the hardest
all these wack n-ggas tryna rap, they just the targets
the way i f-ck these n-ggas up they tryna press charges
n-ggas think they nice, but they really sound r-t-rded
a n-gga run his mouth, i show his b-tch how to deep throat
tie his feet, tie his hands–drag him from a speedboat
ain’t a drug dealer, i ain’t never touch a kilo
but i make them b-tches wet, every time i hit a c note
i’mma get this money, yea count a couple c notes
a n-gga chasing dreams ain’t got time for the weed smoke
real sh-t, i’ll shoot a n-gga like a free throw
every where i go people know what i be reppin’
pieces of the pavement mo’f-cker start respecting