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vxnomthemenace – potions كلمات اغاني


yeahhhh yuh
we them real witches from the underground
crystal ball we gon take you down
posted up don’t pay a frown
yuhh we them real f_ckin witches
posted up inside your town
broomstick flying out from the ground
magic wand gonna cast you out
f_ck the real world we in the astral now
f_ck yeah lil b_tch im flying higher than the sky
run from me if you ever wanna see the light
daggers in my jeans i am flyin by
you can catch me flyin in the motherf_ckin nightsky
9 circles deep inside of h_ll i’ll meet the antichrist
drank a potion and i dont even know why
crystals on my neck i shine brighter than the night sky
you can catch me flying im lurkin in the moonlight
crystal world lurker all the time im drinkin potions
99999 crystals round my neck b_tch
i am tweakin i dont make sense
dont go into the cave i am speaking from experience
keep your magic wand in hand for protection
real witchcraft pop out we in your town b_tch
pentagram i got all 5 elements
spinning on your block with a wand and a broomstick
straight outta azkaban im coolin with the witches
run around my way you gon get f_ckin casted
drank a f_ckin potion i am higher than a dragon
lock me up because im a f_ckin savage
black af1s on my feet i am a menace
spellbook coolin in my hand im spellcastin
remember back then we was in the cabin
opened up the chest and we found sum f_ckin potions
drank it up and we started trippin
fell through reality into the 26th dimension
dont ask me where i am because i dont even know it im trippin off that witch’s brew
i dont give a f_ck my wand gonna cast you
posted in the afterlife you gon die fool
crystals round my neck shining brighter than the night sky
i dont like the world so i cut my f_cking knife right
potions on my chain imma drink until i’m dead and die
i dont give a f_ck yah i’ll put you in the afterlife
drinking witches brew
creeping up im casting you

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