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voidhanger – silent night, deadly night (25.12.1976) كلمات اغاني


hurt bride bred hatred
that called for revenge
an unforgivable insult
that had to be avenged

no remorse! k!ll their children and watch their pain
punish sorely the insolent ones who disobeyed

code of silence, sealed with blood, kiss the crucifix
silent night of december 1976
the king is naked
but they cannot see
paralyzed with fright
and blinded by fear

silent night, deadly night, death lies in wait
no witnesses but 30 frightened souls
hideous crime, macabre time, silence sworn
they died in pain when christ was being born

all light consumed by the darkness of the past
happiness devoured by sadness and bitterness
twisted truth, a mystery buried by time
it means nothing in a place surrounded by lie

silent night, deadly night
no christ can save you now
congregation of silence
bl__dy night, dreadful night
ceremony of crime
massacre of the innocent

and life goes on
but time does not heal
beautiful are the secrets
that remain shunned from the light