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voiddweller – ghost of employment future كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
safety and security
minimization to hobby, maturity
job is number one and soon i dont have time
millions of dead project files on hard drive, i

[verse 2]
bought myself time to k!ll and i am k!lling it
by being a job creator f_ll_ter with passions impotent
i exist for the company, i am managements instrument
i haven’t touched mine, i can no longer be intimate

but every friday night a thought creeps up my spine
life on the line, ends a second at a time
work hurts, so return to the old standby
malt liqour and whopper, ambition goes bye

k!ll your f_cking dreams
bow your head beneath
threshold of conformity
or starve in the bleak

[verse 3]
i worship the hand that feeds
l!ck it clean, serves all my needs
i am in the boiling pot
slowly increase heat until its h_llfire hot
[verse 4]
data intake in the the third ring, excel till the eyes sting
flinstones bird says its a living
in the f_ckin cubicle cause i dont like risks
boxes ticked for the standard life path that consists

of marriage kids a house and too much sh_t
that i can’t afford so its reverse mortgage
avoid conflict and drink too many drinks
so i dont happen to accidentally think

about how i used to be pre_npc
before they beat ambition out of me with all these f_cking fees
unrealistic to not wanna be another casualty
of society, bad anxiety, crying silently, i say

all that to really say this
i will never fit in where you wish that i would exist
bernstein universe voiddweller would slit their wrists
repress for so long, time bomb fuse lit

i will never

k!ll my f_cking dreams
bow my head beneath
threshold of conformity
i eat in the bleak
[verse 5]
thrive on less, need few objects
in conditions abject
in the depths, through the weight of the chains
fire in my f_cking veins