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vivekverma – a cepella كلمات اغاني


saw a f-ggot
gotta a bottle of vaseline for his vasectomy skin
think you just missed it when he is pampering her in halloween
she rather kiss the manequen d-ck when i was filmin scene
broke the chastity ,went bonkers
b-n-red him while in a snorting cough with a ecstacy
time ticking nervously shes naked practicing sodomy
she keep flippin manequen like hungry intensity
amazing seconds when i was voyeuring i saw that tire iron in
oh where is he ? might be jerkin well here i am in
shit i was on lucifer mentality , it was just a bowdy dream
okay what m i hearing from bollywood hiphop
is makin me to mock em dude or pac
inspired enough and shady run the clock in the superman suit to knock yer block
u ain’t nothin but the infection of a disfunctional c-ck
oh nicki truffle b-tter so fuckin cheezy
twerk the way i used the anaconda and zig zaggin it easy chuck it
people call me lazy yea m even crazy , act like a down syndrome
slash ur -ss while i flash my d-ck ,pusshin up daisy , uppsa daisy
dont dare to phrase me ,imma ware double v fuck it greatly..