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vanah blankenship – frost كلمات اغاني


candle burning in the window
winter’s eve is nigh
so hush my love
our flame grows stronger
through the endless night
as snowflakes fall
a silent cry as
frost appears
in diamond eyes
and moonlight shines
upon the windowsill
‘til morning light

now turn a page to january
new year’s just begun
the clock strikes midnight
moonlight so bright
shines ‘til morning light
‘til a quarter past one’s
morning light
time will stop for no one
endless night

the candle burning in the window
now’s our only light
‘cause fireflies have disappeared
no luminescent sky
but hush my love no need to worry
i will stay right hеre
as frost sweeps over all the land
thеre’s nothing you should fear
‘cause soon the summer will begin
the time will come to rise again
as warmth returns to life on earth
don’t listen to words that may hurt
you’re worth more than what they say you’re worth
i just hope to yourself you’ll stay true
there’s no frost you can’t thaw if you’re you

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