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unappreciated – little rap for you… كلمات اغاني


a little rap for you

[verse 1]
alright check it
you’re the one that i want, the one that i need
cause without you baby, how the f-ck i’ma succeed?
i think to myself
“is life really worth to proceed?”
when i first met you i knew the sh-t was real
i feel sorry about the pain that n-gg- made you feel
d-mn baby, he got you head over heels
he told you, that he “love you” but his true colors was finally reveal
things change and i know you hate it
you gotta deal with the pain cause you can’t escape it
and every now and then you wear a smile just to fake it
i know it’s hard babygirl but you just gotta face it
like i said “the good one’s are becoming the most unappreciated”
but listen, i’ma make you smile with every single text
i’ll do whatever it takes to make you forget about your ex
i can show you through love
i don’t have to show it through s-x
“just hold on, we’re going home”, like he said
“just hold on, you’re not alone” like i said
but i don’t wanna get between your legs
i wanna get inside your head
i wanna lay here and tell you how serious i am about you
i wanna see you smile
when i call you beautiful
you said that you’re “not”
but really you are
what i love about you is that you believe in shootin’ stars and not shoes and cars

[hook x2]
you regret him
but can’t forget him
he wasn’t sh-t
even on the day you met him