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unappreciated – cinderella (ghetto version) كلمات اغاني


another unappreciated track…

-clear throat-

[verse 1]
alright check it
i was just a seventeen year old
who got famous for having a creative mind
all this hard work, had finally got a n-gg- signed
but i feel so bad, cause i got caught in the life and left everything behind
now i’m throwing parties every night with my new friends
and drinking some famous -ss wine
but i still feel alone nothing satisfy me
not even groupies or advertising calvin klein
in public, i’m known for my energetic behavior
but deep down i’m really not fine
in my hotel room, i think about the girl
i love dearly
but sadly she’s not mine
after tour, we message each other everyday
even when it’s p-ss her bedtime
my stupid behavior is the only reason why her smile always shine
i can’t drop her, my n-gg-
cause to me, breaking promises is a f-cked up crime
i finally found me a real one and those are hard to find
so babygirl, don’t worry about a d-mn thing
cause you’ll always be with me
at every moment and every time

[hook x2]
famous or not
baby girl, you’ll always be my motherf-ckin’ mascot

[verse 2]
okay, what happen baby?
you’ve been acting strange lately
haven’t been texting me for awhile
that seems a little crazy
you didn’t sound so happy
when i sent you a bouquet of daisies
i’m sorry if i’m being too much
that’s just how my momma raise me
but she said, that’s not the problem
she’s just going through a lot
she feel that everybody turned on her
but i told her, don’t stress about it my love
cause god is the only one you got
everyday she tells me, how her and her mom have always fought
that explains why when i see her
she’s always looking so pale
godd-mn my n-gg- that lady put that girl through so much h-ll
she wanna runaway to daddy but daddy’s in jail
but he told her, to aim for success, never aim to fail
she always get excited whenever his letters comes in the mail
he prefer her as, “cinderella”
cause her life is just like the fairytale

[hook x2]
famous or not
baby girl, you’ll always be my motherf-ckin’ mascot