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unmerciful – retribution كلمات اغاني


hiding in the closet praying he won’t see
knife in his hand shining brilliantly
every little breath draws him closer and then he sees
eight years old in your nighty teasing all his
perverted fantasies
inner confliction feeding his erection
a pedophile will stalk until he dies
their neglegence allows this every day
the future of a child once being defiled is faint
his misconception while splitting you open was you
would lay down
and conceed this
plunging through your uterus, dazed into subconscious
lunacy forced to succ-mb you and you reach out
a knife all you see
embedding it, ceasing his vision
now your purpose seems ever so clear
destroy the fiend
then defile
killing spree

now rip the fetid flesh from his f-cking face and then
grab the knife
f-cked with serrated steel, fecal matter spills down
his legs
blood flowing out his -ss
putrid molestation met with retribution

his destiny
dull knife castrates him
feed him his sac
no one can save him
we own his soul